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Actor. Theatre/Film/TV


Experience in Acting for Theatre/Film/TV.

As a young actor, Robert trained at The Birmingham School of Speech Training and Dramatic Art. He has since trained extensively in method acting, and still regularly keeps up classes to stay in the loop.

Robert has trained with the world’s foremost acting coaches in London, Paris, and New york, and with some international Film Stars as fellow students who also attend. Working mostly in Film, Robert also writes and performs ONE MAN SHOWS.

Very Knowledgable on London, his other interests include Dylan Thomas and Natural History

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Acting is the expression of a neurotic impulse: it's a bums life! - Marlon Brando


Robert Goodman worked with 'Unspoken Productions', (The only theatre Co in the UK to exclusively use 'The Method' as taught by Lee Strasberg), on the Tennessee Williams plays, Mr. Paradise, playing the lead and title role: Mr. Paradise, and The Lady of Larkspur Lotion, Again playing the lead role of The Writer, at the Courtyard theatre in Hoxton, London, UK in 2009.

Here are some reviews:

"After the furious barrage wrought by the landlady, the boozy writer next door,(played by Robert Goodman) engages in a achingly tender dialogue with Mrs. Hardwick-Moore".
Tanith Lindon for EXTRA EXTRA

"Robert Goodman does a fine line in writers, both disillusioned and self deluding".
Evelyn Curlet for THE STAGE

"The force of his continuing and meaningful performance is a testament to the extremely professional abilities of this talented company".
Leon Conrad for REMOTE GOAT.

After Robert's performance of his one man show Lunch With Your Daemon
" engaging performance piece from actor Robert Goodman about the psychgeography of Albion, where our inner daemons, (Ancient Greek style spiritual selves rather than spawn of hell), were invited to develope a magically charged sense of place by travelling from the White Cliffs to Hoxton via just the sort of weird associations of locality, character and history on which forteans thrive.
 Gail Nina Anderson, The Fortean Times

When Robert Goodman held his entire audience spellbound, we knew we were very lucky that he'd had the time to perform for us. He had written the piece too - which may have helped with his fluidity as he changed character and mood flawlessly. That evening we were taken back a thousand years and brought forward 90 miles and into our seats.Every one there 'saw' his characters and believed their stories through Robert's charm and skill. For a genuine silence before long applause, the performance has to be exceptional. Robert Goodman's was and is memorable because of that.
The Moot Theatre at the Templers Theatre Bar, Fleet St


Movie/Theatre Actor, raconteur, writer, psychogeographer, and esoteric adventurer: Robert is a man of many guises. Encountering one of his rich performances is like discovering a secret lush garden inside a barren industrial wasteland: colour, life, magic and art come to life once more. His performances have been honed by such luminaries as Luc Besson, Martin Scorcese and Nicholas Roeg to name a few, and draw upon many strange but wonderful influences, transporting the audience into a new uncharted mindscape. His membership of the (no new members) Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels sums up this envoy from an abstract world, and this coupled with performances such as 'A Journey with your Daimon' where the end performance seems to terminate inside your own mind, make one of the most gifted, original acting and writing talents in the UK - thankfully one that has yet remained outside of the commercial wasteland.
Jon Tapsell, Director Occulture

A really well prepared script, especially as you only had it the night before!! You have a fantastic face on screen, which I really like. You brought a lovely natural and fluid performance to the read. I liked the energy and pace, and you showed me so much through the eyes. You had a good use of pauses and breaks in the piece, which gave that added edge to the character. Overall a very real performance and I enjoyed watching your tape. I hope you enjoyed the session and it was lovely to see you again. I will of course keep you in mind should the appropriate casting arise.
(After a workshop wth) Sarah Leung, Casting Director.

In the many years that I have known him and worked with him on a variety of different projects, in a number of different capacities, ROBERT GOODMAN has proven himself countless times, both as a good friend and as an astonishingly realible and versatile performer/actor. Perhaps the most genuinely unforgettable face of his generation, his recent expansion into writing both for publication and for his own unique performances, should go some way to bringing this talented artist the recognition which he so richly deserves.
Alan Moore, writer (Watchmen, V for Vendetta)


Robert Goodman was born in Northampton in the south east midlands of the UK in 1955.

After the "living hell" of his school days through the 1960s, he studied as a chef, and is infact Savoy trained. However, soon realising that the heat, and stress of a busy hotel kitchen was not the life for him he embarked on his acting career.

As a young actor in 1975, Robert filled in between roles working as the resident magician in the world famous Hamleys toy store in Londons Regent Street, along with a spell as a London tour guide presenting the history and character of this great city to visitors from across the globe.

Robert has since worked in all areas of the business, Theatre: Presenting: Television, and FILM, across the range, from comedy to serious drama.

Robert has travelled all over the world working in feature Hollywood movies, along with a few 'Brit Flicks'.

Has also worked behind the camera as 1st A.D. "I believe that it informs an actors work to understand all areas of the business".

In his spare time Robert writes, and has written for various newspapers and magazines on subjects ranging from 'Acting Technique' to 'The esoteric and the paranormal'. Robert is often consulted by the media, and works closely with friend, Graphic novelist Alan Moore, (Watchmen: V for Vendetta: From Hell: The Legue of Extraordinary Gentlemen) on research and performance on various projects performed by ' The Moon and Serpant Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels'.

Robert Lives in Central London.


Robert's email:
191 Wardour Street
London W1F 82F. UK
Tel: 44(0)207 439 3270